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Data science

What is Quarto? RStudio quietly rolls out next-generation R Markdown

R Markdown isn’t going away. But the Quarto publishing platform is as friendly to Python, Julia, and Observable JavaScript as it is to R.

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Intro to Pure CSS: Minimal, modular CSS layouts

Pure CSS offers a minimalist, mobile-first approach to CSS layouts in your web pages. Let's get started with this lightweight framework, which you can use as-is or extend with a variety of plugins.

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How to work with a priority queue in .NET 6

Take advantage of the PriorityQueue class in .NET 6 to create queues that work based on priority values you assign to the elements.

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Smart Go: Using maps safely in goroutines with mutexes

Maps in Go are not thread-safe by default. Learn in this video how to use the sync package's mutexes and custom map type to work with maps that are thread-safe in a variety of scenarios.

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Azure Artifacts helps you standardize on packages and modules

Microsoft’s Azure DevOps offers a feed-based artifact repository for your own and third-party code that’s well worth a look.

Quantum computing

Nvidia unveils QODA for hybrid quantum-classical computing

Nvidia’s Quantum Optimized Device Architecture allows HPC and AI experts to add quantum computing to existing applications, using C++ and Python.

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ASGI explained: The future of Python web development

Learn how the new asynchronous standard for Python web applications makes apps faster, more flexible, and more future-proof.

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IBM Red Hat names Matt Hicks as president and CEO

Having joined Red Hat as a developer in 2006, the former vice president of product and technologies has taken over the role from Paul Cormier.

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Microsoft updates Visual Studio Code, unveils VS Code Server

Visual Studio Code 1.69 introduces the Command Center, while the VS Code Server streamlines connections to remote development machines.

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Software developers have a supply chain security problem

Every day, software developers implicitly trust software packages, container images, dependency maintainers, repository operators, and build systems that we don’t know anything about. It’s the opposite of Zero Trust.

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Why you should modernize search technologies

Important knowledge is scattered throughout the organization. Simplify everything, make it easy for employees to find what they need, and use machine learning.

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Open source job security through recessions

Stay close to free software, either through companies that support open source projects or by contributing directly to project communities.

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12 examples of old tech that never dies

From magnetic tape to mainframes, sometimes the old tech really is better. Take a trip back in time with these die-hard technologies still going strong today.

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Memory management in Rust, Part 2: Borrowing

Rust's memory management model features the concept of "borrowing", where the ownership of a given variable that needs mutating must be explicitly transferred. Learn how borrowing is embedded in Rust's syntax, and how the compiler...

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What is Visual Studio Code? Microsoft’s extensible code editor

Come for the fast editing. Stay for the debugging, source code management support, and huge ecosystem of extensions.

hybrid cloud

How Walmart abstracts its hybrid cloud for developers

The retail giant has rolled out a hybrid cloud platform that it hopes will simplify how software developers consume infrastructure and best-of-breed cloud services.

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8 new JavaScript features to start using today

New features in ECMAScript 2022 include top-level await, RegExp match indices, new public and private class fields, and more. Let's get started!

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How to migrate ASP.NET Core 5 code to ASP.NET Core 6

It’s easy to update your ASP.NET Core 5 code to ASP.NET Core 6. Learn how by following these examples.

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