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How to migrate ASP.NET Core 5 code to ASP.NET Core 6

It’s easy to update your ASP.NET Core 5 code to ASP.NET Core 6. Learn how by following these examples.

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Working with Microsoft’s .NET Rules Engine

Manage application workflow with open source tools that add basic rules processing to your code.

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Uno Platform advances WebAssembly support

Multi-platform UI toolkit for .NET enables WebAssembly threads and exceptions ahead of official .NET 7 support.

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The best new features in .NET 6

Microsoft .NET 6 marks a new era of developing performant, modern-day applications for web, cloud, desktop, and mobile devices. Here’s what’s new.

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C# language specification approved

The sixth edition of the C# language specification allows for more openness and community participation in changes to the language, Microsoft said.

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How to work with trace listeners in ASP.NET Core 6

Take advantage of trace listeners in ASP.NET Core 6 to add performance and debugging instrumentation to your applications with ease.

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Microsoft’s complicated dance with open source

The decision to make the C# extension in Visual Studio Code proprietary is raising hackles, but Microsoft is still a consistent supporter of open source.

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How to implement IP whitelists in ASP.NET Core 6

Take advantage of middleware in ASP.NET Core 6 to check the remote IP address of every request, and allow requests only from known and trusted addresses.

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Microsoft previews text classification API for ML.NET

New text classification API for Microsoft’s open source machine learning framework streamlines model training by using your data to fine-tune an existing model.

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Use logging and DI in minimal APIs in ASP.NET Core 6

How to implement logging, read from the configuration system, and use dependency injection in minimal APIs in ASP.NET Core 6.

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How to work with String.Create in C#

Take advantage of String.Create to create strings with no allocation overhead and improve the performance of your .NET 6 applications.

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Microsoft .NET MAUI framework arrives

Microsoft’s Multiplatform App UI framework for .NET allows developers to build desktop and mobile apps from a single C# and XAML codebase.

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Microsoft .NET 7 Preview 4 brings Regex improvements, cache metrics

Fourth preview of the forthcoming .NET upgrade adds span support to the Regex library and hit and miss stats for IMemoryCache.

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How to compress and decompress strings in C#

Take advantage of the GZip and Brotli compression methods to reduce the size of string data and improve performance in your .NET Core applications.

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WCF returns: Core WCF gets a 1.0 release

Microsoft promises to support the community .NET Windows Communication Foundation replacement.

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How to work with Azure Functions in C#

Take advantage of Azure Functions to run small pieces of code that can be triggered by events in the Azure cloud.

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Build desktop and mobile UIs with Blazor Hybrid apps

.NET and Blazor bring the web development and mobile application worlds closer together.

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C# 11 previews raw string literals, dumps parameter null checking

Next version of Microsoft’s flagship .NET language promises a variety of new features for better productivity and better performance.

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